didn’t fall asleep until daybreak this morning. still sleeping at 9am, fitful and uncomfortable; trying to dream, but the dream refuses to work. the plots keep floating away; i continually forget my place. “i feel like a buckeye donut” M said; that sounded solid–ice cubes in a glass of water. “do you want anything?” i’m back under the covers, back in my bed. “pick for me. you know what i like” i mumbled then sank. i was here. you were there. the room was like this. play. a little later, i’m woken up with a freshly glazed donut and a freshly poured cup of Blue Bottle coffee.

BJ Miller talking to Michael Krasny on Forum: he says he is a devout agnostic and revels in not knowing. i fall in love a little with him and the neighborhood he inhabits. he says he didn’t inherit a perfection about his body. i think “good” is a good word, but “best” a dangerous one.

Aimee Bender’s The Color Master: the unbelievable wakes one from the mundane but leaves a lonely longing. compassion is not an invitation for disaster. sensitivity is not a weakness. you don’t have to act stupid just because you are sad.