just finished setting up “odd haikus” (tomorrow’s post will be so meta now) with a pleased sigh. i feel strangely uncritical. sending these words into the world, even undressed, seems fortifying, like the completion of something i’ve been meaning to do for a long time, finally done right. i think i’ve missed blogging… it gives me that “i made this” feeling.

White Kitty was walking about sniffing various and sundry objects on the ground, while Kitten threw himself about the house–up and down stairs, around corners. then, a strange rattling located everywhere and nowhere particular in the house. i peeked out the front windows looking for disturbances, while my mind ticked through the possibilities. fluffy or fluffitos? groundhogs couldn’t create such a sensation. a loud truck going by? no. suspicious person doing something suspicious to the porch? no. replaying the moment to my inner senses, i hear the curtain pulls swaying. i am suddenly sure it was an earthquake.

at the stove making a snack of fried rice when M comes home from work. sunny yellow eggs sauteed with leftover rice. he presses against me, fluttering smooches against my right cheek, and declares “i love you.” my body combusts into a grin.

feel empty of stories today. i think the newly established blog bears only a small portion of the responsibility, a minute case of stagefright now that i am vulnerable to an audience. then i remembered i didn’t have any stories to tell other than factoids about the Virginia earthquake when M came home from work. what makes a day story-ful? how many of them do you get in a lifetime?

after he came home and napped, i passed a lonely White Kitty to his lap. he watched our sweet old fuzzy baby–talked to him,  sat with him, kissed him–while i finished making curry for dinner. it gave my heart a bustling fullness. dinner simmering. kitty comforted. and it felt like a forecast of beautiful days that might be when we have some kidlets.